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Garrett Hemmerich

Ever since seeing 'Raging Bull' at 8 years old (not recommended), Garrett's dreamed of being a part of the film industry. He felt a similar passion for literature and found screenwriting to be a perfect mix of the two, studying the craft at the NYFA and then Media Arts at NJCU. Garrett worked as a production assistant on several video and feature film shoots before starting his journey at KVibe as a writer and script reader.

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    Kelvin Ernest

    Hi guys. I fully agree with your blog and what is really critical in determining how a video can reach it’s potential audience. You are absolutely spot on here. As we are a CD / DVD manufacturing facility, I see a number of our projects ( which are corporate videos, new product presentations…etc ) which do not address the actual needs of the client. It’s seems to only focus on what the product is and does and not how it can help you. Thanks for a great post. BTW, if you ever need to get those videos onto large runs of Discs or Flash drives, do give us a shout for a no-obligatory quote.


    Kelvin Ernest
    Managing Director
    Liberalis Media Productions Pte Ltd
    Tel: (65) 6252 6149
    Mobile: (65) 9062 2146
    eMail: kelvin@liberalismedia.com or sales@liberalismedia.com
    WeB: http://www.liberalismedia.com

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      Garrett Hemmerich

      Hey Kelvin,
      Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts! It’s got to be about more than a pretty picture. And will do about the quote.

      Garrett Hemmerich | Writer | KVibe Productions


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