KVibe and MORPH Wheels Put Some Heart Into Video Production


MORPH Wheels testimonial

Here at KVibe Productions, we talk a lot about how much factors in to choosing the right video production company for your project. It has to be about more than merely pushing a product into people’s faces. You need to find someone willing to dig deeper into the emotion the product can ultimately evoke from the consumer.

Present the product with passion…

So, when KVibe came into contact with Maddak a while back and their product MORPH Wheels, foldable wheelchair wheels, it seemed the stars had aligned. They saw our passion and we jumped at the opportunity to create a commercial video production about something that helped people in such a practical and profound way.

The key to any effective commercial or corporate video production, or any production at all for that matter, is infusing all the technical elements with emotion. It’s easier than ever to present something with a high-quality aesthetic, but a good story is still a good story. All the color tinting and CGI in the world can’t replace that.


The incredible MORPH Wheel

Some things to consider…

When you set out to plan a commercial or corporate video production, you need to ask yourself a few simple questions in order to achieve an emotionally evocative piece:

What’s the problem and who has it?

How would they feel if it were solved?

How does your product solve that problem and, therefore, make them feel?

You can show off your product from a thousand angles, under perfect lighting, add a mesmerizing sound design and some flashy editing and yet, with no heart, the video will be a dud…all build up and no payoff.


Insert from MORPH Wheels commercial video production

Sometimes, the truth alone inspires…

When the KVibe crew began listening to some of the testimonials about MORPH Wheels, we understood how inspiring those words are. We knew the key to this project’s success hinged on our handling of such hefty material.

We opened with the gripping accounts of these wheelchair users’ stories. We needed to ensure that the viewer got to know these people and the things they struggle with everyday: traveling in cars, taxi cabs, or planes, as well as issues with insufficient time or space when going to the beach or on a shopping spree.

MORPH Wheels solves these problems and gives people a few extra inches in the car or minutes in the day and, as one longtime user attested, “Those simple little factors in our life, gives us freedom.”

KVibe is always seeking out projects that have a meaning and value beyond money. We were honored to be able to help spread the word about MORPH Wheels and the incredible power the product has to improve people’s lives. Check out the commercial video production below and see what you think…

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  1. Hi guys. I fully agree with your blog and what is really critical in determining how a video can reach it’s potential audience. You are absolutely spot on here. As we are a CD / DVD manufacturing facility, I see a number of our projects ( which are corporate videos, new product presentations…etc ) which do not address the actual needs of the client. It’s seems to only focus on what the product is and does and not how it can help you. Thanks for a great post. BTW, if you ever need to get those videos onto large runs of Discs or Flash drives, do give us a shout for a no-obligatory quote.


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    • Hey Kelvin,
      Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts! It’s got to be about more than a pretty picture. And will do about the quote.

      Garrett Hemmerich | Writer | KVibe Productions

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