• Kvibe Productions LLC

About Our Company

What we stand for

  • Creating To Inspire

    Our purpose is to build a platform where we can create inspiring stories while enriching the lives of our employees, clients and local community. As content creators, we value the opportunity to reach, influence and shape the world around us through Film, Television and Commercial programming. With our Corporate Video and Event Coverage, our goal is to build genuine relationships with our clients while utilizing our superior workflow to create captivating content that leads to direct results. We recognize that these visual mediums provide an opportunity to carry messages vast distances in the shortest amount of time and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our philosophy is; lead by example, keep a strong sense of integrity and new opportunities to tell great stories will follow.

  • Creating Emotional Impact

    Our mission to become a major force in the international film industry has awarded us the opportunity to work on notable projects such as directing, writing and producing the full length feature biopic, Walt Before Mickey on the life of Walt Disney; The Tryout, a reality show on The NY Yankees; the documentaries Wide Open, the Vanilla Ice Story and Icon, The Jose Feliciano Story; as well as multiple television shows for the TV Asia Network. We have also earned the trust of corporate enterprise accounts including Fortune 500 Company Ernst & Young (EY); high profile businesses such as Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Cartier International, Linkedin, NJOY E-Cigs and many more. No matter the project, we give each client or investor our full and undivided attention. We love the challenge that every film or video production presents and our enthusiasm permeates every project, resulting in a level of quality and emotional storytelling that is unrivaled.

  • Tell A Great Story

    Imagine having the ability to deliver a message across the world and, with that, the power to profoundly change the course of people's lives. Imagine providing opportunity that could ultimately foster economic growth. Imagine doing all that in a supportive environment, all the while, securing financial stability for your family for generations to come. Well, those are the ideas constantly running through our minds every single day we walk into our studio; it is the reason we wake up in the morning; it is the reason we exist.

You are your own identity. You are unique in your own right. What separates you from everyone else? That's you! You are what you are. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.

Khoa Le CEO of Kvibe Productions