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KVibe Productions is a full-service video and multimedia production company located in Jersey City, NJ, USA. We pride ourselves on providing each and every client with premium quality services, from concept to delivery, for projects of any style. The unique advantage of working with KVibe Productions is our unrivaled approach to bringing a cinematic quality to every project we take on, whether it's intended for a television, film, commercial, or corporate audience. We approach documentary, narrative, multimedia, and content of all kinds with the same passion and energy, for companies both large and small.

Our experienced, in-house creative development and production teams enable us to offer our clients several affordable options for them to infuse the branding of their product, portrayal of their services, or depiction of their story with a uniquely cinematic element.

The following is a selection of services we provide:

Pre Production
Post Production

KVibe Productions can turn your initial proposal into a definitive and manageable plan. Our concept development team will brainstorm relentlessly to generate and select the most appropriate and effective ideas for the project.

We will explore every avenue pertaining to the narrative content, visual aesthetic, sound design, and any other element required for the project. We will then create an engaging concept, a blueprint, to serve as the foundation for a production plan that will bring your vision to life.
The KVibe Productions creative team can take your story from a short synopsis to a polished script through the utilization of our treatment services. We will help you get through your story, all the way from start to finish, and fill in any gaping holes along the way.

This step can prove invaluable later, as it allows you to add a rhythm and pace to your story early on in the process. Our team will help you decide what the essential elements of your story are. We will then work diligently to illustrate and emphasize those elements through the use of elegant language and imagery.
We at KVibe Productions believe that a good narrative should be at the center of all our projects. We can take your idea from a quick, midnight mental flash to a fully fledged story. Whether you're just looking for feedback on an existing script from a fresh set of eyes, or an entirely original screenplay, we're here to help take your concept to the next level.

Our services include topic and target audience research, along with the promise of numerous creative options to properly develop your story. KVibe offers development services for all types of scripts including corporate commercials, music videos, and feature films.
KVibe Productions can help you visualize your story with our storyboarding services. This step in the pre-production process allows you to explore some of the creative possibilities of the project before beginning production. It also enables you to define the overall aesthetic by planning out the sequential format of the visuals.

Our creative team will take the time to experiment with various different techniques before deciding which benefits your project most. Let us help you bring your story and characters to life, and give you a chance to see them interact in the world of your story before a single frame has even been recorded.
Looking for the perfect setting for a particular scene or project? Let KVibe Productions assist you in discovering that space and/or securing any necessary insurance or legal permits. Our location team works hand in hand with our producers, directors, and writers to find the most appropriate location for the material and style of the project.

We'll provide you with photographs, secure nearby parking, manage relations with local businesses/residents, and do anything else necessary to ensure that the way you envision a scene or project is the way it ends up appearing on-screen.
At KVibe Productions, we know that the effectiveness of the behind-the-scenes crew is only as strong as the talent at work in front of the camera. That's why we take the casting process very seriously for any project. The right actor can bring an entirely new element to the work and the trick is to find the appropriate actor, the one whose skill-sets are tailor-made for the nature of the project.

The process can be arduous at times, with call-backs and repeated screen tests, but our objective at KVibe is to put together the perfect cast that, with due diligence, will bring a unique and engaging chemistry to your project.
The KVibe creative team is always available for consultations about a project, no matter the stage of development, whether it's on-going or just in its infancy phase. Our diverse crew is well versed in all areas of video and multimedia production and we're confident we can help you out of any jam.

We offer our professional assistance on all topics. So, if you're hung up on your initial treatment or your project has hit a wall mid-way through, allow KVibe to help you climb over that wall by utilizing our creative consulting services.
Our consulting services extend beyond the normal, traditional needs. The world of video production is integrating with the use of computer-generated imagery more and more, and the KVibe creative crew is well-schooled in this area.

The use of CGI has gone down in cost, up in quality, and, therefore, is more efficient than ever. Allow KVibe Productions to guide you through this new territory and help you bring all the advantages and previously unforeseen possibilities of computer-generated imagery to the aid of your project.
KVibe Productions is a one-stop shop for all your video production needs. We offer a wide variety of options within our video production services, including the possibility of getting multiple distinct projects out of the same production. Considering the collection of the latest and most advanced equipment at our disposal, and the wide variety of experience and skill-sets among our expert production team, we're fully capable of adapting to any project's needs.

No matter the nature of the content, whether it's a corporate video or feature film, KVibe Productions is intent on using every possible resource to produce engaging and cinematic works. We promise to bring a consistent passion and artistry to any endeavor that comes our way from companies of all sizes, and to projects intended for audiences of all kinds.

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KVibe Productions' TV Commercial services can help connect your brand with your buyers. Our production team will take into account your product or service, your budget, your message, your current and target audience, and all other variables before presenting you with numerous production options.

We fully understand the potential power in even the shortest and simplest of commercials. We'll work to ensure a concentrated concept gets across to the audience and, more so, stays with them long after they've stopped watching. A truly effective commercial perfectly blends an appealing visual aesthetic with immersive narrative content and KVibe won't stop until we achieve that magical combination for you.

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KVibe Productions offers the full spectrum of infomercial production services. After our development team has decided on a creative plan, the production crew will execute that plan efficiently using their wealth of experience and knowledge, along with our wide range of state-of-the-art equipment.

The key to an effective infomercial is to weave the appeal of your product or service into a compelling narrative that will grab the audience's attention. KVibe's production team has successfully done this time and time again for numerous clients and, over the years, we've just gotten better at it. Our pledge is that, they will remember your product or service, that they will remember you. We guarantee it.
We at KVibe Productions are well aware of the new and diverse possibilities in corporate video production. Once just used for things like a boring tour of a business or manufacturing process, the corporate video has evolved into an opportunity to be clever and compelling, and to reach your audience on another level.

Inventive and comical concepts have found their way into an area of video production that, up until recently, seemed to be dozing off. The KVibe production team promises to bring the same attention, energy, and inventiveness to every corporate video production that we would bring to a feature film. The results of that kind of enthusiasm and commitment are simply stunning and can separate your corporate production from the rest.

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KVibe Productions is fully capable of bringing your full-length feature film idea to life. Whatever the topic, whatever the genre, KVibe will bring all of our knowledge and expertise to the table to help produce an immersive and cinematic experience for the viewer.

After our creative development team assists you in coming up with a blueprint for your idea in the pre-production stage, the KVibe production crew will work intensely with all necessary resources to ensure your vision is fully realized. We are confident that we can satisfy any project's requirements, of any size or style.
KVibe understands the importance of electronic press kits these days. They could be your only opportunity to package, present, and promote yourself or your business, to the media. The bottom line is the better job you do of this, the less the media has to do, and they like to do less.

That's where KVibe Productions comes in. We can help you create a concise and professional electronic press kit that will impress any recipient. We will do all the necessary research of current industry demands and advancements so that you're able to market your talents or your company's effectiveness to the fullest extent. They'll see that you understand the value of visibility in the public eye, and that's important.
Some of the most effective and entertaining work can be found on television nowadays. If you have a unique idea or know of an environment rich in drama and emotion that you believe people would want to get a glimpse of, we're here to help. Whether you have an original, scripted pilot episode that's ready to shoot, or a clever concept for a reality program, KVibe Productions is here to assist you in all your television pilot production needs at any stage of development.

After defining a firm plan to execute an engaging and compelling concept, our full-service production team will, with the use of our vast range of state-of-the-art equipment, step in to help bring your idea to life. Like always, we pledge to bring hard work and high quality to every project we undertake.
The KVibe Productions crew brings all the same creativity and technical savvy to web promo videos as we bring to TV commercials. However, the difference is that promotional web videos can reach your target audience directly through email, search engine marketing, and video sharing sites. We at KVibe understand the value in these new avenues and, also, how to utilize them to their fullest extent.

We will customize your video to fit the specifications of the desired form of delivery. The applications and possibilities of web promotional videos have been expanding for years and KVibe Productions has been producing these types of projects through all these advancements. We're extremely confident that we can accommodate any project's needs.
We at KVibe Productions appreciate real-life tales as much as fictional narratives. That's why our production team brings all the same resources and dedication to our documentary projects that we bring to our fictional features, including access to our stockpile of state-of-the-art equipment as well as our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Allow the KVibe crew to artistically, and truthfully, document and promote the world that you believe needs to be shared and experienced. We pledge to deliver a documentary that will not only entertain and amuse, but captivate and inform the audience as well.
One of our many specialties at KVibe Productions is our music video production service. We've had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented musical artists and have always delivered, above and beyond, what the client requested. We're supremely confident that we can do the same for your music video project idea.

A great music video production requires, not just a creative vision and the technical no-how to carry it out, but also collaboration and consistency between the musician and the filmmaker. KVibe Productions will work with you to facilitate your project from start to finish, ensuring your message is delivered in an inventive and compelling fashion, while still being expressed through your own distinct voice.
Nowadays, most young people prefer to receive their media through their mobile devices. We at KVibe Productions understand the incredible value in this newfound level of intimate access to the consumer or audience. We also have the knowledge and tools to take full advantage of that value, and to bring all its benefits to your project.

We've entered the age of wearable technology and, like any viewing method, certain changes and tweaks are in order to properly produce content for such devices. We are on top of these changes and whatever the intention of the video, KVibe Productions vows to design and execute a tailor-made plan that will sleekly mold your initial concept to fit the expectations of today's mobile video audiences.
Another emerging trend in the video production industry is pre-roll video advertisements. This term refers to the typically brief, usually 10-15 second, online video commercials that appear before the video the viewer actually intended to watch. These projects may not present the most ambitious production demands, considering their commonly limited lengths, but KVibe Productions knows the advantages of this style of delivery.

That's why our production crew strives to carry the same weight, land with the same impact, with these productions as we do with our more involved projects. We at KVibe enjoy the challenge that comes with producing an effective pre-roll ad, which is to form an engaging concept and leave a lasting impression on the viewer in a relatively short time. We have complete confidence in our ability to do so and invite you to bring your most ambitious pre-roll ideas our way.
At KVibe Productions, we consider our editors to be true masters of their craft. The overall rhythm and pace of a project is defined in the editing room and you'd be surprised how much hard work during production can be rendered useless through an uninspired cut. The KVibe crew, through years of experience in every style imaginable, has accumulated the knowledge and skills to tackle any project's needs.

After production is completed, the editing process can be approached from many different perspectives, so having a team composed of diverse backgrounds and methods will only help to infuse the process with an abundance of ideas. Together, the KVibe editing team will decide on the most appropriate and effective approach to form a unified piece of work, full of emotion, drama, and inspired moments. We also explore every opportunity to create multiple distinct cuts out of the same production.
The use of motion graphics allows you to put your distinct signature on a production. A decided-upon graphic design can have a huge impact on the impression your video makes, besides adding a certain flair to the production value. It can also remove any initial confusion from the viewer about the unique benefits that your product or service offers.

The KVibe post-production crew is fully capable of illustrating some of your more complex ideas in a simple, solid visual concept. Whether you need your logo animated or you're just looking for that extra pop in your online advertisement, let KVibe Productions assist you with any motion graphics needs.
KVibe Productions' knowledgeable staff can help your video achieve a true visual cohesion with the implementation of our color correction services. First, we adjust the image as a whole, which is called primary color correcting. We address basic issues with exposure and white balance and, at this point, we can define a mood or give the image a stylized tint. Then, we shift to the more intricate secondary stage, in which we tweak certain parts of the image, like a single pool of light, without affecting it as a whole.

Once the concept has been defined and the production executed, our staff will work with you to lend the entire aesthetic a certain aura through color correction. No matter your issue, if you need to fix an underexposed interview or just want to add a little flair to a project's look, KVibe Productions can satisfy all your color correction needs.
Sound design is another element essential to creating a mood in a piece and KVibe Productions is prepared and equipped to handle all your audio engineering needs. We will work diligently to improve the soundscape of any project by adding or manipulating sound effects, music, narration, or any other sound element deemed appropriate for the project. Shabby sound design is commonly the tell-tale sign of a low quality production, as it's usually the element that gets neglected most.

The KVibe staff understands the potential impact in a project's sound design, as well as the distractive possibilities it can have. It's a thin line between the two, but we're confident at KVibe Productions that we can navigate that narrow corridor and produce an audio design that will serve to enhance the message or content of your project, rather than diminish it's effect.