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WHY us?

Choosing our studio for your event or production means immersing yourself in a unique space that blends a bespoke, speakeasy, and eclectic vibe, perfect for sparking creativity and inspiration. Our intimate and personal environment is tailored to meet the needs of any event or production, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience. Whether you're hosting a small workshop or a large-scale production, our versatile and distinctive setting is designed to cater to your specific requirements.

Professional Podcast
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Designed to meet all your audio and video podcasting needs

WHY us?

Choosing us for your podcast production ensures you benefit from our expertise across all technical setups, from single-camera recordings to sophisticated multicam configurations. Our team is equipped to handle everything from intimate, one-on-one podcast sessions to dynamic, multi-speaker events. This versatility allows us to tailor the production to your specific needs, ensuring high-quality audio and video that captivates your audience, whether you're hosting a simple talk show or a complex, interactive series.

Features and benefits

Equipment Included

Two microphones, sound recorder, optional video setup.

Sound Quality

Superior soundproofing for clear audio production.


Customizable decor and layout to suit your podcast's theme.


Easily accessible location with parking availability.

Plans that fit your scale

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.

Single Camera Podcast Package

Provides a single-camera setup with basic audio recording equipment. Ideal for simple, personal podcasts or one-on-one interviews.
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Multi-Camera Podcast Package

Offers a multi-camera setup with enhanced audio recording capabilities. Suitable for more dynamic, multi-speaker sessions or complex discussions.
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Customizable Podcast Package

Tailored to fit any specific requirements you may have, this package allows you to mix and match camera and audio setups. Perfect for those who need a bespoke recording solution.
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What Our Podcasters Say

Hear from some of our amazing customers.

This is a hidden gem within Jersey City. Joe and Khua are really helpful and helped us host an amazing event there. The place is beautiful and has all the required amenities. Will definitely recommend!

Mohit Shetty

Been using the studio here for my podcast and it’s been amazing! Joe and the staff are incredible and kind and always willing to help. The studio itself is beautiful and I’m very happy I found it cause I have been to others and it’s by far the best place to record!

Gabrielle LaSpisa

Their work is nothing short of phenomenal, and they're all amazing people to work with! :)

Alleyah Dimalanta

Beautiful, clean studio space! The staff here is so professional, friendly and accommodating!  I love the decor and the overall vibe.

Brandice P
Khoa Le discusses results that speak

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