Color Grading

Bring your videos to life with expert color enhancement.

Enhance Your Visuals with Professional Color Grading

Bring cinematic quality to your videos with expert color correction

WHY us?

Choosing us for your color grading needs ensures that your visual content is not just seen, but felt. Our expert colorists use industry-leading tools to enhance every frame, ensuring that colors reflect the intended mood and style of your project. With years of experience in cinematic and commercial color correction, we guarantee a final product that is visually cohesive and emotively powerful, enhancing both the narrative impact and the visual appeal of your content. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and creative flair.

The logos of amazon, netflix, oracle, and ey.
A group of logos that include microsoft, caa, and the brooklyn hospital center.

Features and benefits

Advanced Color Correction

Adjusting exposure, contrast, and color balance for visual enhancement.

Creative Grading

Crafting mood and atmosphere through color tones.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Processing

Expanding color and brightness range for a more realistic view.

Look Development

Creating unique visual styles tailored to project requirements.

Real-Time Collaboration

Working closely with directors and cinematographers for seamless integration.

Industry Standard Tools

Utilizing top-tier software like DaVinci Resolve for precise color manipulation.

Multi-Format Delivery

Ensuring compatibility across cinema, TV, and digital platforms.

Frame-by-Frame Adjustment

Detailed attention to every frame for consistent quality.

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This is a hidden gem within Jersey City. Joe and Khua are really helpful and helped us host an amazing event there. The place is beautiful and has all the required amenities. Will definitely recommend!

Mohit Shetty

Been using the studio here for my podcast and it’s been amazing! Joe and the staff are incredible and kind and always willing to help. The studio itself is beautiful and I’m very happy I found it cause I have been to others and it’s by far the best place to record!

Gabrielle LaSpisa

Their work is nothing short of phenomenal, and they're all amazing people to work with! :)

Alleyah Dimalanta

Beautiful, clean studio space! The staff here is so professional, friendly and accommodating!  I love the decor and the overall vibe.

Brandice P
Khoa Le discusses results that speak

Results That Speak

When content matters, results follow. Over the years, our tailor-made content strategies have driven engagement, inspired action, and catalyzed growth for numerous brands. But we don’t rest on our laurels. In a constantly evolving digital arena, we continually hone our craft, ensuring that our content remains relevant, impactful, and aligned with the ever-changing tastes of global audiences.

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